Devyn in San Francisco


This was taken around Thanksgiving 2014. We were up in San Francisco for the long weekend and went to the Exploratorium.

People Watching Zone


Waiting Patiently


For the past two years, this has been a common scene for us. Since moving to California two years ago, we’ve been resident tourists, seeing as much of the great state of California as possible.

That means we’ve spent many a night in a hotel, which means the kids (and Chris) bring their pillows along for the trip.

Devyn at McConnell’s


Devyn enjoying Golden State Vanilla ice cream with Unicorn sprinkles at McConnell’s on State Street.

Are We Done Yet?


This one very well could have been called “Are YOU done yet?”

Another one from the archives. This one from 2010 and Devyn’s sixth birthday party. She wanted a Fashion Show theme, so I busted out the lighting gear, borrowed a backdrop and set up a mini photo shoot in the family room.

Of course, I had to test my lighting setup, so I enlisted Devyn to help me. Needless to say, it took me several tries to get the look that I wanted and by the time I did, Devyn had just about had it. But not before I got this shot.

Devyn in Black & White


A black and white version of this color version.