Sunday Morning

My Sunday morning ritual. Coffee and the ads.

My Sunday morning ritual. Coffee and the ads.

This morning, like most Sunday mornings, I made a pot of coffee and read the Sunday paper. The LA Times to be exact. Truth be told, I miss the Oregonian, but this will suffice.

What I thought was kind of funny about this shot is that I didn’t even set it up. I was playing with my new camera, a Canon 6D, and I wanted to see if my off-camera flash hardware worked with it. Turns out it sort of works in that it will fire the flash, but I can’t fully control it yet until the hardware gets updated. No big deal.

However, the flash will at least fire and when I looked at the shot later, I thought that it kind of worked out. The way that I laid the flash on the table just so happened to be pointed directly at the front of my favorite coffee cup. The Best Buy ad just happened to be in the frame – I wasn’t even looking to see what was in the frame, I just wanted to see if the flash would fire.

No body is going to be banging down the door to request permission to use this photo, but I thought it was kind of cool for an accident and it pretty much encapsulates my weekend mornings.


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